The Wiggles My First Learning Tablet


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Let your child learn while having fun with The Wiggles! With 7 fun interactive activities children will be engaged and entertained while learning with their Wiggly friends!

Sing along with The Wiggles to 'Do the Propeller', 'Rock & Roll Preschool' and Who's In The Wiggle House'. Learn about letters, numbers, colors, shapes, musical instruments and much more! Builds communication skills, encourages listening and attention, improves hand-eye coordination. The touch-sensitive screen features make exploration fun and easy to follow. The Wiggles characters light up and ask questions to engage children.


Presented in an open display box.
Requires 3x AAA batteries (replaceable)
Suitable age: 2+ years
Tablet size: 8.8in H x 7.5in L x  0.8in D


Item# WIG6059